The Stylecraft Realtor® Co-op Policy

You won’t believe the perks of partnering with Stylecraft! We pay a commission of 3% of the sales price to local member MLS Realtors®/Brokers, and 2% to non-member Brokers upon closing and funding.

Co-Op Policy Conditions:

1. Realtor®/Broker must be licensed in the State of Texas.

2. Realtor®/Broker must either:

- Present Stylecraft with acceptably executed contract.

- Accompany customer to Stylecraft's sales office or show Stylecraft's existing for-sale inventory, and register that customer with Stylecraft within 24 hours of visit or showing.

- Use the Realtor® Sign Up, below. Realtor®/Broker registration made after customer initial contact will not be honored.

- Telephone registration will not be honored.

3. In the event of more than one Realtor®/Broker working with a customer, the customer shall decide which Realtor®/Broker is to be included.

4. Realtor®/Broker will be protected for full duration of contract period. (Protection period is defined as time contract is written.)

5. The sales commission shall be based upon the initial contract price of the home, unless in the event that the sales price is reduced to the lender’s appraisal, then the commission will be based on the reduced amount. The sales commission will not be based upon:

- Change orders made after initial contract.

- Allowance overages.

- The price of the lot in the event the lot is purchased by customer.

The Stylecraft Builders, Inc. Realtor® Co-op Policy is a partnership that pays.

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