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Stylecraft Sales Process Update | September 2021
Stylecraft Sales Process Update




September 29, 2021

Stylecraft Sales Process Update | September 2021

Fall is here, and while the weather never quite “cools” in Texas, the market has…. Well, kind of. Demand is still high, and inventory is still low. Many markets are used to seeing an average of 3 months’ worth of inventory on the ground (both in new construction and resale). Whereas right now, we’re still averaging about 1-2 months. The good news is that we have seen some of the building costs level out, which has had a great impact on the building industry as a whole.

What does this mean for us moving forward? We’ve been able to release quick move-in homes for immediate purchase in many of our communities. These homes are being priced out individually, and released for sale once construction has begun. In a limited number of communities, we’re still releasing quick move-ins under the offer process. This is simply due to the fact that the market has yet to level out in these communities. The good news is that we continue to monitor and evaluate building costs, and have been able to confidently release a reduced number of home sites for sale, allowing customers to build from the ground up. This process has already begun in limited communities, and we have plans which will allow for more to open up throughout the end of the year and beyond.

This is incredibly exciting news! It feels as though we’re slowly returning to normal operations, and are able to bring back an essential part of the homebuilding experience we have all truly missed. As we continue to adjust our processes and release home sites, please opt-in to our mailing lists. This ensures you never miss an update, and are alerted as soon as pricing, home sites, and homes are released within your area or community of choice. If you have any questions, our wonderful online sales team is available to assist. They can be reached via phone and text at 866.445.3840.

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